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From "Mário Lopes" <>
Subject Re: Some questions
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 15:18:05 GMT
On 4/5/06, Frank W. Zammetti <> wrote:
> On Wed, April 5, 2006 5:24 am, Mário Lopes said:
> > Look guys, it was not of my intention to raise a flamebait. So please
> > keep focused on the subject (please :-) and try to be factual, as it
> > will help a lot.
> Yeah, I took the bait.  My bad.  Should have known better.  See my
> subsequent reply for the factual and hopefully helpful comments.
> > The project is a simple CRM with forms and AJAX. No big stuff, 6
> > database tables maximum. Also, we have a very short deadline (June),
> > so we can't waste too much time learning the framework.
> Struts 1.x would likely be a good choice then.  Most likely you will just
> be using it in a basic way, which should be a relatively easy learning
> curve.  Webwork is in some ways simpler than Struts, so that's worth a
> look too.  It also has some built-in AJAX functionality already, and that
> could be helpful.
> Because of your short deadline, JSF might also be a good choice *if* you
> use something like Sun's Studio.  That will hide most, if not all, of the
> complexity from you, and let you just worry about your application rather
> than the framework.

And how easy is it to use AJAX along with JSF? I don't have any
experience with JSF but I've seen a friend of mine drag & dropping
like in .NET. I'm not an apologist of WebForms. But if JSF eases AJAX
I'll certainly consider it as a valid choice.

Kind Regards,

Mário Lopes

> > Kind Regards,
> >
> > Mário Lopes
> Frank
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