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From "Mário Lopes" <>
Subject Some questions
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2006 00:29:41 GMT

First off, a little bit of my background. I've been developing with
Java for a long time now. None of it was web based development. On
this field, I've programmed with PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python,

Now that I'm encharged of developing a Java/JSP/Servlets application I
had to decide about a framework to ease my life. It had to have a
strong MVC pattern to enforce organization. So I picked Struts :-)

Now that I've given it a test drive, some questions arose:

1) I tried using Eclipse, as I've always did, for developing. What IDE
do you suggest?
2) I noticed that each time I did a simple change I had to build with
ant to package a .war and then restart Tomcat to recognize it. Tomcat
takes 20 secs to load which is absolutely unbearable. Is there a more
agile way of doing things?
3) Is MyEclipse worth it?

I think this is it.. for now :-) I'll be forever in debt for your kind replies.


Mário Lopes

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