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Subject Re: [OT] Survey - how do others accomplish this...
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 19:05:26 GMT
I hope it's ok that I'm asking this here. I know it's not technically a
Struts-related question.

Based on the link Wendy provided, I googled "ServletContextListener" and
found this
 which sounded like exactly what I'm looking for.  Thanks Wendy!

Also, liked the SessionListener example later in the article and tried it.
It seems to increment the activeSessions counter just fine as long as the
session is being created by a jsp or servlet. However, it doesn't seem to
do anything if I open a new browser window and bring up a simple html page
in that webapp. I'm sure there is a good explanation for it but I don't

Can anyone explain it to me?

Would this be a good way to monitor how many active sessions a webapp has
or is there a better, more efficient, more standard way of doing it?



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On 4/20/06, <>

> I thought a cleaner way would be to have a servlet that starts when the
> webapp starts. The servlet would look up the values in some database (or
> properties file(s)) and place the values in the app context. Initially,
> thought about doing this at the time a user logs into the site but
> that info in everybody's session is inefficient.
> How have others dealt with this? Thanks for any feedback.

>From this morning. :)


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