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From "Vidya \(Suvarna\) Mahavadi" <>
Subject RE: Radio button group
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 07:59:51 GMT
Thanks Vijay!

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From: vijay venkataraman [] 
Sent: Tuesday 18 April 2006 09:23
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Radio button group


Here is the basic concept and hope you can build on from that.
To make a radio button group, you have to have the names of  radio 
buttons in the group the same.
Say for row one on the table you have to render radio buttons of the
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[0]" value="A"> Accept
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[0]" value="R">  Reject
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[0]" value="I">    Ignore
So above acts as a radio group. Note 'name' of all the input elements 
are the same(userChoice[0]).

So for the second row it will  have to be
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[1]" value="A"> Accept
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[1]" value="R">  Reject
<input type="radio" name="userChoice[1]" value="I">    Ignore

In JSP file it would look like
<html-el:radio property="userChoice[${rowIndex}]"
                    value="A" />
<html-el:radio property="userChoice[${rowIndex}]"
                    value="R" />
<html-el:radio property="userChoice[${rowIndex}]"

You will have to take care to render the appropriate value of "A", "R", 
"I" from the bean. So when the user selects the values will be populated

in to the String[] userChoice

See indexed property usage of struts doc. This 
will give you a idea of how to setup your form bean.

Vijay Venkataraman

Vidya (Suvarna) Mahavadi wrote:

>I am still struggling to find a way out.. Any ideas how to get this
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Vidya (Suvarna) Mahavadi [] 
>Sent: Thursday 13 April 2006 16:37
>To: Struts Users Mailing List
>Subject: Radio button group
>I have a jsp with a table showing few records of data where each record
>corresponds to an object of a bean. Beside the bean data I need to have
>a radio button group with (Approve, Reject and Ignore).
>Can any one help me to put the bean object and the radio button group
>together.. in Jsp and action form.
>Any help is much appreciated.

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