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From EvilPfeiffers <>
Subject [struts-faces] compatibility problem with sun jsf 1.1_01 and myfaces greater 1.0.9
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 18:29:49 GMT

i have compatibility problems with struts-faces and myfaces greater
1.0.9 / sun jsf 1.1_01.

The Problem:

when i submit a <s:form to a struts-action then the action-form is not
populated with the new values from the form.
This problem is only when i use myfaces version greater then 1.0.9 or
sun jsf 1.1_01 with struts-faces.

Whith myfaces 1.0.9 or sun jsf 1.1 it works like a charm.

Can andybody help me, or is it a bug?

Sorry for my bad english.


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