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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: friday ha ha
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2006 16:22:42 GMT
Jonathan Revusky wrote:
> [...] rather than trying to modernize/refactor it forward

>From a developer's standpoint I'm not even sure how I'd go about
refactoring the existing Struts 1.x codebase...

As an example, I've always been pissy about the Action being tightly
coupled to the servlet spec., returning something only useful in the
context of Struts 1.x, etc. (Who hasn't?! :)

Okay, how do I remove that dependency? Just thinking out loud, so parts
of this will be dumb.

- App functionality already moved into injectable objects
- Change request processor to put params etc. into an "action context"
(just a map?) rather than directly accessing HttpServletRequest (or its
- Change action processing to accept a different type of forward (just a
string, no-brainer?)
- Minor validation rework to accept POJOs rather than ActionForms
- Pluggable request processing/path handling
- ...etc.

I dunno... Sure looks a lot like stuff that already exists. I wouldn't
rewrite/refactor it either; I would start over.

Now, it might be feasible to write a wrapper around an already-existing
framework (or minorly tweaked one) to process existing struts
code/configs/Actions etc. and this might provide an incremental
migration path, but...


(But an interesting *shudder* I'll admit... *ponder*)


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