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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Struts v1.1, Tiles, Bean property question...
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2006 09:50:02 GMT
Alan Treece on 17/04/06 07:11, wrote:
> I'm working on the layout with Tiles and having a difficult time getting 
> past this one issue. The Perl code has various header and footer pieces 
> of code based on whether a use id logged on or not and whether the user 
> is accessing what is termed an external or internal facing web site. The 
> Perl code determines which header and footer to use and then reads in 
> the data from various fragmented files... massages it a little then 
> writes it out to the display.
> I'm thinking I could to the same thing initially with an action for the 
> header and footer that will make the determination, read in the data, 
> massage it as required and then pass it back out as a bean property. I 
> can't seem to find the correct syntax and Tiles tag to insert/put the 
> bean property into a Tiles definition. I've tired <tiles:insert ... /> 
> and <tiles:put ... /> with no success.

Hi Alan,

one of the best ways of getting tiles to work is literally just to copy 
from the example application that you should be able to find on the 
struts website.

however it seems you've got quite far already, but the technique you're 
using isn't quite crystal clear to me - if you are putting data into an 
attribute on the request in your action and you want to read it in your 
tile JSP, you don't need any tiles tag for that, you just pull it out of 
the request.attributes collection.

Perhaps we're talking at cross-purposes though - are you using a 
tiles-defs.xml to define your tiles?


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