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From Christoph Olszowka <>
Subject Apply errorStyleClass to multiple fields using Validator
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 18:38:02 GMT

I'm being troubled by the following issue:
I have got 3 text input fields that are all being validated if they
are holding int numbers with help of validators intRange.
By default the fields are holding a 0. As a special condition, the
sum of the fields must be larger than 0, e.g. at least one field
must hold a number larger than 0. This is being validated by a
validwhen-statement placed in the validation setup for the last
input field looking something like

<var-value>(((field3 > 0) or (field2 > 0)) or (field1 > 0))</var-value>

As the validation itself is concerned this works perfectly, but
as a user of the styleClass and errorStyleClass-attributes possible
with the html:text tag, I would like to tell struts to tag all the
fields as incorrect, because the user does not have to neccessarily
fill out field3, even if the applied errorStyleClass suggests this.

Is there any way to solve this?

Thanks in advance and greetings
Christoph Olszowka

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