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From "Shasirekha Engala" <>
Subject Reg: Storage of objects in the vector in the jsp and access them when the page is submitted dynamically
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 04:09:57 GMT
   I have some doubts regarding the storage of objects in a vector declared
in the struts-config.xml. I am using DynaActionForms and the problem is, I
have declared a vector named hiddedFieldVector in struts-config.xml as
     			<form-property name="hiddenFieldVector"   	type="java.util.Vector"/>
This vector has not been initialised any where. I want to use this vector in
jsp. In jsp I want to place objects (eg say User with the properties name,
designation etc.) in the vector. When the form is submitted I want to access
this vector and retrieve the objects and perform some operation. How can I
specify what type of objects the vector has to hold? Can this be done? If so
can I get some example for the same.

Currently, before displaying the jsp page I am loading the Vector with the
type of objects which it has to hold and then using it in the jsp. But it
may not be possible in all the cases and may not be the correct solution.Is
there any better way? Kindly help me out to identify the proper way.

Thanks and Regards

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