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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: Debate and Free Speech 101
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 20:52:11 GMT
Vinny wrote:
> Actually he has.  The apache project known as iBAtis:

Yeah, I see he is a committer there. The world is full of surprises. I 
assumed, from his discourse, that Larry had never really been involved 
in open source projects himself. Just from the way he talks. I don't 
know the extent of his contribution there but I'm surprised.

Still, Larry's involvement in iBatis is not relevant to the overall 
argument I made in the original "Debate and Free Speech 101" post. To 
engage in political speech about certain problems does not oblige the 
speaker to go out and fix the problems himself. If I criticize the US 
policies in Iraq, I don't have to go to Iraq myself to sort it out. 
Besides, if somebody thinks the whole policy there is miguided, to tell 
that person to go join the army and go off to help fix things there 
makes no sense, because he'd just be part of implementing the same (in 
his opinion) misguided policies, right?

Similarly, people are perfectly free to ask the question of why Struts 
development stagnated without incurring the obligation to go try to fix 
that mess. It's a legitimate question. It can be discussed. This whole 
fascist stuff of trying to shut people up and cut off debate is really 
too much. Vinny, you should really think about this stuff a bit more, dude.

Jonathan Revusky
lead developer, FreeMarker project,
>>In closing, Larry, who are you to be telling me that I should be doing
>>this, that or the other thing? Have you made any comparable contribution
>>to this application space?

>>Jonathan Revusky
>>lead developer, FreeMarker project,
>>P.S. Amusingly, I initially entitled this post "Debate and Free Speech
>>for Dummies". Then I realized that some of the blowhards would likely
>>accuse me of insulting everybody -- pretending that they didn't
>>understand that it was an allusion to the XXX for Dummies book series.
>>So I changed it "for Dummies" to 101 at the last minute before sending it.
>>>Check it out of SVN, fix it, and use it. If you are so darn
>>>smart, we will all be begging to use it in no time. ...and again, you
>>>can charge us all for training on that Next Big Thing.
>>>But in either case, stop being such a buttmonkey (if you can).
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