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From Jonathan Revusky <>
Subject Re: I Apologize
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 03:28:03 GMT
In case people don't realize this immediately, I didn't write this.

jonathan revusky wrote:
> I just wanted to apologize to everyone for my arrogant behavior recently.
> I  do understand that Struts isn't so bad. Times have been tough for me 
> lately and I think I acted out on this list because of it. None of the girls 
> ever spoke to me in high school and the jocks would always beat me up and 
> take my lunch money. But I'm ok now because I'm the lead developer on 
> Freemarker! And Freemarker is awesome!! The only thing close to it in its awesomness
is WebWork.
> I know Struts is really made of poo poo and I'm just incredibly awesome, 
> but I don't want you to all take it so personal and I'm sorry you guys all 
> did. I'm only after honest answers - seriously - really that's all I really 
> wanted. I know WebWork is my god and some day when I'm king of the 
> FreeMarkeropia universe the girls will give me a second chance. You'll see. 
> All of you!! Even Mr Evans the gym teacher will see that I'm awesome.
> Oh and just one more thing, don't forget: "WebWork rules! and  
> Struts users Drool!!"  Ha Ha
> Regards,
> Jonathan 
> Master of Freemarker and soon to be Ruler of FreeMarkeropia.  
> ---------------------------------
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at 1&cent;/min.

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