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From Vinny <>
Subject Has this thread reached it's saturation point yet?
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2006 04:01:19 GMT
My 2 cents. Struts is great. Struts pays my mortgage and allows my kids to go
to a better private school. Most recently , struts upgraded my
powerbook to a macbook pro.
Honestly, I don't listen to the struts-haters anymore than I listened
to the Apple-haters.
Craig's invention was great, is great and will continue to be great
for a while. I don't care if Craig
makes a new framework based on mud pies, I'd still give the idea a
respectful listen.
The 2 people here  that stir up the most arguments on list are
beginning to buzz in my ears like
misquitoes. Can't we just get back to the music?
One thing I'd like to suggest though is this. Split this mailing list!
I would love to
have one list for the Action framework(s) and one for shale/JSF. Yeah
I know I can procmail
and google filter yadda yadda and I am doing that but it's a real PITA.
I wonder which list the haters would subscribe to?

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