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From Hey Nony Moose <>
Subject Re: New to Struts
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2006 07:21:51 GMT
Naveen Sharma wrote:

>Can any one help me with Struts as I am new to it and I am supposed to learn
(In case you are wondering what the hell is going on in this list, the
developers of Struts are having an unusually long and seemingly
irreconcilable difference of opinion (aka: flame war) about the current
long term development and marketing strategy of "Struts".)

First you have to understand this:  "Struts" is more the name of a
development group now, no longer a single piece of software: there are 3
pieces of software that are now each vaguely being called "Struts". 
This has only emerged this last year, and the dust is yet to settle. 
Currently some people are having anurisms wrapping their brains around
it, some people are having anurisms trying to alert people to it
happening, some people are having anurisms trying to stop it happening,
and some people are having anurisms listening to the people having
Here's a note from an earlier mail as to the Struts version situation to
help you make a start, because if you don't understand this early,
you're going to find it very peculiar reading aged public tutorials and
then looking at the sourceforge website:

Hey Nony Moose wrote:

>... edited ... my first impression is that
>there are 3 things called Struts now in existance:
>1/ Struts Classic (*real* Struts), ie: Struts versioned <2
>2/ Struts WebWork ie: Struts versioned >=2
>3/ Struts Shale ie: Struts JSF, any version
>my second impression is that each one is substantially if not totally
>different internally, interfacially and implementationally to each
>other, so don't bother swapping once your investment is in one.  you
>pick one and one only to use, they don't work together, they compete for
>application choice.
 Moose from beyond the grave

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