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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject [shale] Multi-column data table in Clay
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2006 23:21:52 GMT
Hello again,

I'm working on creating a dataTable and I'm having a problem trying to 
figure out exactly how to do it in nothing but html.  I've done this 
before with help from the list, but that was a simple one column table 
without any headers.  Now I need to create a multi-column table with 
headers and there are no examples of this in the use-cases that I could 
find (the xrolodex.html just has a one column, the contact name).  I was 
trying this:

<table jsfid="dataTable" id="coordinatorsTable" 
value="#{@managed-bean-name.coordinators}" var="coordinator">
  <tbody allowBody="true">
    <tr class="row">
      <td jsfid="column" id="coordinatorUsernameColumn">
        <span facetName="header" value="Coordinator" 
      <td jsfid="column" id="editCoordinatorColumn">
        <span facetName="header" value="Edit" allowBody="false">Edit</span>
        <a jsfid="commandLink" 

Thinking that maybe the facectName was a special attribute that would be 
picked up by the Clay parser, but it's not.  So what do I need to do to 
make Clay recognize those <span facetName="header"> elements as facets 
for the columns?  Do I just need to give them a jsfid?  If so, which one?


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