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From "brian papa" <>
Subject best practice suggestion when using tiles
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2006 23:33:24 GMT
I'm using tiles in an application and so far have liked the modularity
and reusablity. I have a thin web layer with the business logic all
called from classes that extend the Tiles Controller, so that each
class is attached to a single tile.

I ran into a problem recently though where I wanted to change a
response header after conducting some business logic - problem though
was that this was in a controller, and the response had already been

So now I'm second-guessing all of the business logic being called from
Controller classes. I use Struts Actions in my application as well,
but only thus far for things like form submission. Is this a poor
practice? Or should I move all of the business logic calls out from my
Controller classes and into Struts Actions?

Thanks for your input.

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