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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: The Mytical stagnation
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 23:38:35 GMT
This topic has become stale, in my opinion, and I do not understand
why people continue to participate in it. When people attempt to have
a successful discussion, there is usually a goal to attain, but I am
unable to discern what serious goal there is in telling the commiters they
are, in so many words, lousy, a failure, makers of bad products, the
fathers of stagnation, betrayers of their foundation, etc. :-) 
Discussions can be alot of fun and productive and bear good fruit, 
but discussions, like fruit, also wither after a season.... and I think 
the season is well underway for all the participants to just accept 
that you've been heard, not everyone will agree, and finger-pointing 
isn't productive. -- Paul

--- Al Eridani <> wrote:

> On 3/29/06, Bart Busschots <> wrote:
> > Right, as I see it this all boils down to Jon whinning that the struts
> > guys are adopting WebWorks for the basis of struts 2 rather than Struts
> > 1.X.
> And you see it wrongly. Either you came late into this and could not be
> bothered to check the archives or your attention span is so short that
> you have forgotten already.
> It all started when some Struts committers described their relatively closed
> environment (limiting who could contribute) and Jonathan wondered
> aloud whether that lack of openness had been a contributing factor to
> Struts decline.
> The question was never addressed because, in the inmortal words of one
> of the defenders of the faith, "the question is invalid".
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