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From matador <>
Subject actionForward & page needs a queryString
Date Fri, 24 Feb 2006 13:00:04 GMT
how to do this?

existing jsp (model 1 arch) is dependent on querystring parameter (e.g. ?
vId=256), so instead of posting this page to another page that updates the 
db, i post it to an action class etc.  fine no probs there.

but the forward for the action class needs to go back to the posting page 
with the same queryString.  one can define an actionforward for that 
posting page, but the querystring is lost.  (yes i do a redirect, so that 
original value is lost).  

what i devised was sticking that param in session, then forward to a dummy 
jsp that pulls the param out of the session and redirects to that original 
url with the querystring intact -- a messy kind of hack.

is there a better way?

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