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From "Simon Chappell" <>
Subject Re: BusinessObject and DataTransferObject
Date Thu, 23 Feb 2006 15:07:34 GMT
On 2/23/06, Leon Rosenberg <> wrote:
> On 2/23/06, Simon Chappell <> wrote:
> > I'm sure someone can give you a much more Comp.Sci. answer, but here's
> > my "in the trenches" answer.
> >
> > A business object is any object that you use to represent a business
> > concept. Classic examples would be customer, address and order.
> >
> > A data transfer object is anything that you use to send data from
> > either one part of program to another part or one program to another.
> > The Struts Form objects are classic data transfer objects. Service
> > requests are also usually data transfer objects.
> True, but more typical a DTO is used to decouple layers or application
> parts. Using DTOs in interfaces make them stablier, more immune to
> changes in the implementation or client.

You are right and while I didn't use the word "layers", the "one part
of the program to another part" includes both layers and subsystems to
my way of thinking. I tend to make huge use of request and reply
objects (DTOs) in my system's APIs as it does wonders to clean up the
potential dependency mess.

I think we said the same thing using different words. :-)

> Regards
> Leon



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