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From Richard Wallace <>
Subject [shale] Add getMessage() method to AbstractViewController?
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:28:30 GMT
Hello everyone,

I have a simple feature request.  Can we get a method added to the 
AbstractViewController class that gets a message out of the applications 
configured message bundle?  Something as simple as:

    protected String getMessage (String messageKey) {
        ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle (getApplication 
().getMessageBundle (), getFacesContext ().getViewRoot ().getLocale ());
        return rb.getString (messageKey);

Something that might also be useful is one that takes an optional 
Object[] as parameters and then uses MessageFormat to format the message:

    protected String getMessage (String messageKey, Object[] params) {
        String messageBundleName = getApplication ().getMessageBundle ();
        Locale locale = getFacesContext ().getViewRoot ().getLocale ();
        ResourceBundle rb = ResourceBundle.getBundle (messageBundleName, 
        String msgPattern = rb.getString (messageKey);
        String message;
        if (params != null) {
            message = MessageFormat.format (msgPattern, params);
        } else {
            message = msgPattern;
        return message;

I've found this to be of tremendous help in simplifying error handling 
code, or when I want to display a success message or something like 
that.  It makes things so much cleaner.

What do you think?


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