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From Michael Jouravlev <>
Subject Re: Session expired and Multi-Entity Struts application
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 18:54:48 GMT
On 2/1/06, Angel Navarro <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a Multi-Entity web application. Every application have theirs
> colors....
> Is a Struts application (1.3) and JSP no Tiles.
> When any user want to access, have a param indicate what entity, example:
>  ..URL?Entity=1
> ...URL?Entity=2
> ......
> And when a User is login, this param is in session.
> My problem is that the user's session expired, and the user want to acces to
> web application, the application indicate to user that have no session, this
> is ok, but the problem is the colors of error page  is not correct. Why?
> Because to rendering JSP in struts, get the param session that indicate what
> entity and get the CSS file to this Entity....(own TagLib).
> What Can i do?

I personally don't think it is a big deal that error page has a
different color. On the other hand, I hate when my Windows machine
loads with default colors and changes palette only after I log in. If
you care this much, you can stick entity into all links on a page
(request rewriting) and in all forms (using hidden field). Basically,
this is a client-side viewstate.

Using client-side state in URLs may change page address if you do not
use redirection. But most people don't care about that.


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