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From Paul Benedict <>
Subject Re: The Age-Old problem of validation when you have Nested Items- opinions and Dyna question
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2005 13:44:56 GMT

Do you control the requirements? It's going to be an ugly screen with that :) Web applications
should be concerned with doing one unit of task at a time, if possible, because it does simplfy
development and help the user focus on what needs to be typed.

Still, I don't see this problem as insurmountable. As long as you don't mind having ugly screens,
you can; and what is probably goign to make your screen ugly is the requirements, which mandate
all too much input data on one screen. I think you're pigeonholed here so do the best you

class CompanyInput {
  private Company o;
  private List divisionInput;
  private String inputAttr1;
  private String inputAttr2;

class DivisionInput {
  private Division o;
  private List deptInput;
  private String inputAttr1;
  private String inputAttr2;

class DepartmentInput {
  private Department o;
  private String inputAttr1;
  private String inputAttr2;

You just have to create an input model that reflects what you want to capture. There's nothing
really more I can do for you; you have lousy requirements so make the best of them. Break
up the
input into different pages for a better time.


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