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From Michael Jouravlev <>
Subject [ANNOUNCEMENT] JSP Controls Tag Library v. 0.1 is released
Date Mon, 12 Dec 2005 23:36:04 GMT
[ANNOUNCEMENT] JSP Controls Tag Library v. 0.1 is released

Ho-ho-ho! The Christmas is around the corner, it is time to make
wishes come true. How about writing portlet-like web components using
Struts without need for Portal engine? Here you are!

JSP Controls is a solution for building portlet-like web components,
using standard JSP enhanced with less than a dosen of new tags. It
does not require to learn a new API or to set up a portal engine.

The Reloadable Page Fragments (RPF) technology provides support both
for Javascript-enabled browsers as well as for more restrictive
environments where Javascript is not allowed.

JSP Controls has the following features:

* Allows composing a page out of independent components.
* Does not require a portal engine for components to work.
* Ensures that every component renders itself independently.
* Updates page incrementally without full page refresh if browser
  has proper Javascript and XMLHTTPRequest support.
* Seamlessly integrates with Struts, yay!

Try out the live demos first. They may not seem very impressive at
first, but fire up your favorite HTTP sniffer (I use LiveHTTPHeaders)
to see what actually happens there. Notice, that Ajax version works in
both old and new browsers and you hardly can see a difference unless
your page is really heavy. Just turn off Javascript in your fancy
browser to see that component goes a longer route to deliver exactly
the same user experience.

It can be easy integrated with any Struts actions, but obviously
dispatch-like actions are best for the job. As a Christmas present, I
included a version of DispatchAction that allows to write clean
event-based actions. Check out the source code to see how simple it

Live demos page:
The project homepage:
The download page:

In this version the components are based on HTML FORM only. Next
version will allow to use any HTML fragment.

Michael J.

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