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From (Gary VanMatre)
Subject Re: Shale-Clay: Error finding Converter for component
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 23:23:20 GMT
>thanks for a very helpful reply and correct, which solved some problems and
>brought some others to the surface :)
>I am using xml view, and specified my bean name like this
><component jsfid="/fasta.xml" extends="baseLayout">
>    <symbols>
>        <set name="title" value="Fasta Test"/>
>        <set name="bodyContent" value="/pages/fastaBody.html"/>
>        <set name="managedBeanName" value="pages$fastaBean" />
>    </symbols>
>The endpoint URL is /fasta.xml, and when changing to managed bean name to
>'fasta', I got log output from the getters. Isn't it possible to specify your
>own name for the managed bean?

The symbol for the managed bean name is "managed-bean-name".  Originally, this was the only
and the name was taken from the faces-config.  

        <set name="managed-bean-name" value="pages$fastaBean" />

>My next problem is that the setters and the action on the maganed bean doesn't
>get called. When pressing the submit button I only see the log statements from
>the getters again and the values on the form are reset.

Most likely the symbol for managed-bean-name is not resolving to your
registered bean.  It might be binding to "fasta.submitAction" and not 

>Submit button code:
><input jsfid="commandButton" value="Run Fasta3"
>action="#{@managed-bean-name.submitAction}" class="text" type="submit"/>
>Bean action code:
>public String submitAction(){
>"-------------------submit called");
>"returning: runFasta");
>    return "runFasta";
>Thanks, Mikael

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