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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: struts-validator.tld question
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 02:00:17 GMT
Jim Reynolds wrote:
> I want to try and use some client-side validation on a project. I have used
> the server-side quite a bit in the past. Anyway, I found an example of how
> this would work, and the first thing it shows is a taglib include like so:
>  '<%@taglib uri="/tags/struts-validator" prefix="validator" %>'
>   Anyway, I have build all my projects from the "blank" struts war file, and
> do not see any validator.tld file anywhere. I am unsure of exactly what I am
> looking for here. Could someone give me some guidance on this?

I don't know what example you were looking at, but as far as I know 
there is no taglib or TLD file for client-side validation. You just need 
to include the <html:javascript> tag (and add an onsubit handler to your 

See the tag documentation [1], referenced from the main validator 
documentation [2], for details.



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