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From Larry Meadors <>
Subject Re: [OT] performance of JDBC only, without Hibernate or iBatis
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 13:21:48 GMT
On 11/28/05, Raghu Kanchustambham <> wrote:
> I have not worked with iBATIS... and the intention was not to compare
> hibernate vs. iBATIS ....

Heh, mine was. :)

> The recommendation I was making was to use Hibernate instead
> of raw JDBC calls embedded in your code.

I am still not willing to go that far. I would much prefer seeing JDBC
code in a data access layer to hibernate in a struts action class.
JDBC is not evil, just low-level.

The decision to use hibernate or iBATIS is more than "Ew, this
connection stuff looks icky..." and will make your application *worse*
if not done thoughtfully.

> And surely ... designing your database the "hibernate way" brings
> in some constraints which I think is OK if you are starting something
> fresh... and as Larry pointed out may or may not be worth a
> re-engineering effort.



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