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From Keith Sader <>
Subject Re: c:forEach does not recognize HashSet when combined with nested EL ?
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 19:35:47 GMT
Sorry, I was reading off of the cuff - my mistake.  Let me look at this again...

On 11/1/05, Raghu Kanchustambham <> wrote:
> Hi Keith,
> Thanks for responding.
>  However, How will this solve my problem? The problem is that the control is
> not entering into the loop in the first place. And you have put additional
> statements in the loop body. I have anyways tried it, and it did not work.
>  Regards,

> > > Please look at the following code:
> > > <c:forEach var="paymentDetails" items="${
> > studentEnrollment.paymentDetails}"

Ok, the c:forEach expects some scoped variable of the name
studentEnrollment.  Does a bean with this name exist at the page,
request, or session level?  If not  your forEach will do nothing.

It looks like your items should be

I don't work with DynaActionFroms normally, so this may be something
you have to look up from JSTL documentation.

And since JSTL is fairly new, you might try using the tried and true
<c:out value='${studentEnrollmentForm}'/> method of inspecting what's
happening with your .jsp.

> > > <%
> > > DynaActionForm dynaForm = (DynaActionForm) request.getAttribute
> > > ("studentEnrollmentForm");
> > > StudentEnrollment se = (StudentEnrollment) dynaForm.get
> > > ("studentEnrollment");

Keith Sader

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