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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject Re: Struts ModuleConfig when forwarding between modules
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2005 20:54:16 GMT
As Brian Holzer said in his reply (did you see it? It wasn't threaded), 
the message resources can be managed well with taglibs and declarations 
in the web.xml if you are using jstl.

I won't ask why you have to do what you're doing. Sounds like a nightmare :(


Brian Sayatovic/AMIG on 16/11/05 20:17, wrote:
> One thing I'm not using, but if I did, I'd be worried about, is resources.
> Form what I can tell, the message resources for a module are set into a
> request attribute by the RequestUtil.selectModule() method.  But this is
> only done in an action servlet.  So, if I've intended a JSP to rely on
> resources defined in a particular module, I must forward through an action
> in that module in order to have the right resources set.
> Of course, I could use global resources.
> Second, I've been forced into doing a very bad thing and have to inspect
> information in ModuleConfig relating for the form for a mapping outside of
> the action handling that (extended RequestProcessor).
> Regards,
> Brian.
>>don't take it as ridicule but what are doing with your JSPs that make
>>them module-aware? I don't think they are. Modularisation of struts
>>concerns the configuration of multiple struts-config.xml, tiles-defs.xml
>>and validation.xml files.
>>I am 90% sure that JSPs are blind to the module they are in. True, you
>>can put them in a directory with the module name, but that has no effect.
>>What module info are you refering to?

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