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From Andreas Kurtz <>
Subject including error-tiles on validation error / exception
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 14:11:26 GMT
hi folks,

i have some questions on using struts with tiles and the corresponding 

we've created a tiles-defintion mainLayout:

	<definition name="mainLayout" path="/layout/basicLayout.jsp">
	 	<put name="banner" value="/layout/common/banner.jsp" />
	 	<put name="footer" value="/layout/common/footer.jsp" />

from which other definitions were derived (e.g. a page displaying a 

	<definition name="contact" extends="mainLayout">
		<put name="content" value="/pages/contact.jsp" />

including the following action-mapping (and fitting form-bean):

	<action path="/ContactAction"
		type="ContactAction" 								name="ContactForm"
	     <forward name="success" path="mainLayout" />
	     <forward name="failure" path="error" />

we met the following problem:

when a validation-error or an exception appears, the banner-tile in 
mainLayout should be replaced with error-banner-tile.
in fact there is the possibility to use forward-directive on failure 
(not on validation), but we want to remain on the same input-page 
(contact) with just another error-banner-tile included on 
validation-error or exception.

is there any handy possibility to solve that problem? or is it the only 
way to create a additional error-tile-definition for every page?

thanks for helping.


Medizinische Informatik

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