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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: Peculiar error with <html:form>....
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 19:32:55 GMT
Jacob Wilson wrote:

>I have a problem with my jsps after migrating my application from tomcat to Websphere.
I use the struts-html taglibs in my jsps. When I use the normal html form tag like below,
everything looks fine and the page gets displayed without problems.
><form method="post" action="" name="FormName"> 
>When I use the struts-html taglib like below, the jsp that shows up on the browser is
totally empty....
><html:form method="post" action="" name="FormName"> 
>I had made sure that the action is present in struts-config.xml. Also, when I say action="myPage"
in the form tag does not work.
I am suspicious of the "name" attribute. Or at least I am now that I 
figured out what the difference between the two JSP chunks actually was.

I've never used "name" in html:form (I didn't even know you could); 
"name" is created by html:form using the "action" attribute and the 
"name" attribute in the action's <action...> configuration.

But you didn't include any struts config info, so who knows.


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