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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: Question on
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2005 22:45:43 GMT
David G. Friedman wrote the following on 11/1/2005 3:29 PM:

> Killer, rocks, awesome.  I even made a new column decorator
> for project I was working on.  There should be some threads
> about DisplayTag in the list archives if you go searching.
> That'll have more opinions plus some problems/solutions
> that came up with DisplayTag use.
> -David (just waiting for the +1's)

I'm curious have things changed with this tag to allow it do more than 
just work with a collection that has session scope?

Way way back when (about three years ago) it required a Session-based 
list in order to work not sure if it's still the same.

To me that is typically unacceptable for good paging. Could you imagine 
if Google stored all it's search results in Session scope? A good 
tag+server side code, would be one that helps with setting up paging 
based on helping with dealing with paging for items not in session 
scope. I wrote one myself a long time ago but never got around to making 
it generic.


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