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From Laurie Harper <>
Subject Re: a paralell tag to html:select
Date Fri, 09 Sep 2005 01:46:07 GMT
Rivka Shisman wrote:
> Does someone know a parallel tag to html:select?
> I mean that if in the Edit.jsp page i had an html:select tag to edit the
> student_status field - and in the displayStudents.jsp i have a
> bean:write to display the student_status field
> What id the best way to get the decode in the display page (as the
> html:select tag does) - because now what is displayed is the code itself
> (the value) and i need the label from the LabelValueBean.

There isn't a direct equivalent to <options/>'s name/property attributes 
for <bean:write/> (I think that's what you are asking for?) You'll need 
to write the appropriate value from your LabelValueBean yourself. The 
easiest way would be to add a method, Map getLabelMap(), to your bean 
which returns an status to label map. Then, in your dosplayStudents.jsp, 
you can write the label value with


or something like

   <bean:write name="labelBean" property="labelMap['<% 

If that doesn't get you going, post your source code so I can see what 
you have to work with.


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