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From Ed Griebel <>
Subject Re: [OT] SCM stories (war? horror?)
Date Fri, 16 Sep 2005 15:22:45 GMT
VSS- walk away, don't make eye contact :-) 
Pros: umm, it does manage versions, close integration with MS VisualStudio
Cons: windows-only administration and probably access too, not
intuitive to use, opaque binary files having no discernable relation
to the actual artifacts themselves, not cheap to buy although most do
not buy a license for every developer. The biggie though, sometimes
the database will get corrupted and you will have to restore your
repository from backup, although this may have been fixed.

Pros: simple model for developers to understand how it works, changes
can be made to local version without locking a file (some would
consider this a con, so it can be changed), integrated into almost any
open-source IDE and many OSS applications (such as cruise-control),
trivial to access remote repository from local desktop, repository
artifacts are stored as "regular" files rather than an opaque
binary-format file
Cons: directories not versioned, file moves are not versioned so if
you want to preserve file history you have the hack of copying the
file to the new location in a repository, and binary file versioning
is non-existant--it stores a full copy of each version

No experience with perforce.

By the way, what is your current SCM?

On 9/16/05,
<> wrote:
> I'm preparing to make a case for switching to a differenct SCM tool
> (source code management).   The options are CVS, Perforce, and VSS.
> Anybody have any cogent/credible stories or arguments for choosing one
> over the other?
> Thanks,
> Dennis

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