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From netsql <>
Subject Re: Who decides?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 17:54:29 GMT
I disagree. SQL SELECT command writen by somone w/ 6 years, or 9 years 
of 12 years expereince, etc. is a huge difference IMO.

Also, would you give a $10MM+ budget to 5 years person? No one would. 
They would never see a forest from the trees.

There may be perception amongst MBA's that we are all widgets and "IT 
does not matter", but to me ... PHB's don't matter.


lets see my tech timeline: Unix, Informix, DBII, Turbo Pascal, Cliper, 
rBase, OS2/MS SQL, PowerBuilder, Sybase, C,C++, Java, Fedora,.....

Rick Reumann wrote:
> Yes, 
> a seasoned programmer will more valuable than someone right out of 
> college, yet once that college grad has about 5 years (maybe less) 
> experience, I would not say that he's necessarily any less valuable than 
> the programmer who has been programming for 10 or more years. The 
> deciding factor will then become who's been keeping up more with the 
> latest technologies. Previous experience becomes much less important.

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