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From 梁炳場 <>
Subject Re: How to pass sql variable from jsp to Action?
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 03:29:52 GMT
I wonder if it is a proper way to do it because
the 1st query displays a no of rows with different group ids.
Can the <html:link> pass a value to Action?
If it can, it is excellent.

Should it be done like this?
change the layout from a no of links <html:link>
to a no of forms <html:form>
In each form, it has hidden value of group id.

How will you do this? Thank you very much for your help.

2005/9/1, 梁炳場 <>:
> I retrieve a group id by JSP.
> <sql:query  ...SELECT group_id../>
> When user clicks a link
> <html:link .../>
> Before another page is shown, in my struts-config.xml,
> I try to make a ActionForward function to capture the group_id
> and then update a session attribute .
> Then the resulting jsp is like this
> <sql:query SELECT someValue FROM .. WHERE group_id = ???groupId??? />
> Is this a proper way to do this?
> I do not know how to write in the Action class so that
> it can retrieve the sql value from the passing in jsp file.
> Your help is very much appreicated.
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