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Subject Re: What is the recomended framework
Date Fri, 05 Aug 2005 19:34:02 GMT

I think the true answer to that question is it depends.

What is your tolerance for "new technology"?
What is your expectation for integration with older systems?
What is your developer experiance base?

Personally, if I were starting a project from scratch with no chance of
integration with applications of another framework, I would be fooking at
JSF as the foundation of my project.  This is because it is an accepted
"standard" for the new JVMs.  I would probably look at spring or shale to
simplify some of the monkey work.

The dangers on this implementation are:
a) Finding a large support base for this technology as it is "new" and has
less implementations than legacy architectures like struts.
b) Finding competent developers if the project is large enough to have
multiple developers for the same reasons as A.
c) Requires 1.4 or higher java.  I personally do not have a problem with
this, but a large company (I know several) may still be running 1.3 for
many of their legacy applications and are not willing to move to 1.4 or 1.5
d) JSF does not have the proven implementation for large scale, high
traffic, high volume web applications yet.  (At least I do not know of
one).  I am talking about the 10,000+ simultanious users with 100,000+
transaction per hour range.  I think the technology can handle it, but it
would require a lot of scalability testing on my part before I released a
new application under these conditions.
e) Not as much open source code bases to pull from.  Could affect time to

However, I do feel this is the way the web app market is moving, expecially
in combination with Ajax for the user interface (Which JSF has some nice
integration packages already).

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This whole struts/shale/jsf/spring/kitchen sink discussion has brought
up a fundamental question.

What should we use, assuming new code to keep it simple.

So, what should we be using on the presentation and persistence side?
JSF and Hibernate seem to be a yes from everyone.

But what about shale, spring, tapestry, etc? And any comments on JSF and
hibernate too?

(I am assuming no EJBs as that is a very different environment on the
persistence side and seems to be on the way out.)

And of interest to me - what is the recomended approach for a portlet.

And for most of the others on the list - what is best for a plain old
J2EE system?

Thanks - dave

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