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From Martijn Smit <>
Subject Re: debugging tomcat with eclipse
Date Fri, 26 Aug 2005 23:34:24 GMT
I'm running Tomcat within Eclipse with the Sysdeo plugin since the dawn 
of time. As long as you handle your own context definitions (keep a 
close watch on the occasional xml sysdeo generates) and define the 
source directories within the Sysdeo general option, you can debug and 
trace your source perfectly per thread and look at your variables.


Jay Sheth wrote:

>It would be great if you could give some hints on how to debug tomcat
>with eclipse.
>I have tried the following:
>* Running tomcat with option jpda start and then running a remote java
>application to debug but doesn't work.
>* Running the tomcat application with start option. When I run the
>webapp, the break point is caught in the code, however it doesn't let
>me evaluate expression/ see the details of variable, saying "The
>selected stack frame must be associated with a java project in the
>workspace to perform an evaluation".
>The project is already in eclipse. We are copying the jar file to the
>tomcat lib folder and then running the tomcat app.
>Any help / pointers would be useful. 
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