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From Nick Andros <>
Subject Re: [OT] M Galbreath
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 19:28:12 GMT
> Oh, please.  That's why the idiot shouldn't have been using a government
> email address.  I've skipped almost all of this, but at the very least he
> _did_ make threatening noises.  You just can't go doing that on government
> time.

Yep.  If you can't say it to your boss' face, then you shouldn't be
writing it/doing it on company time.  If you ever read your employment
agreement, you'll see that they have the right to monitor anything and
everything you do online while at work.

Now if he was spouting off the same ignorant, profane stuff on this
list from home and he got canned because of THAT, then it'd be a
different story.  There'd have to be some sort of ethics clause in his
contract explicitly prohibiting that type of behavior (highly

In either case, I doubt we've heard the last of him.

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