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From Borislav Sabev <>
Subject Re: Using struts forms as Value Objects: your opinion? BeanUtil C onverter
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 06:25:10 GMT
Nitish Kumar wrote:

>"This is a HUGE problem with BeanUtils and why I end up having to 
>register custom converters:("
>good point, but where do I register my custom converters? I dont want to do
>it in my action classes, and writing a plugin just to register my converters
>would be a big overhead.
Writing a plugin is quite easy and takes not more than 10 minutes. So 
don't affraid and try it :-) , if you'd like I can share some code here.
I have only one plugin which I use only for this purpose - to init some 
special libraries like BeanUitils converter, Hibernate Session Factory etc.
It's very usefull, becuase I don't like the usual practice to make 
inizializations in static scope of the clases (because the sequence of 
these static initializations can vary run time)

>Why cant we have declative registration through struts-config.xml, just like
>other components and struts should take care of registering my converters
>with ConvertUtil? (If its not already done yet!) 
>This would actually give me flexibility to have my custom types as well in
>the form bean.
>Lets say, for some application I want all java.util.Long types to be
>appended with "$" symbol, it becomes much easier with a converter.
>what do you say?
this is good point, as I saw Craig McClanahan also likes the idea ... 
probably the development team will embrace it.


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