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From Michael Jouravlev <>
Subject Re: bean traversal question
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 23:50:46 GMT
On 7/28/05, Rick Reumann <> wrote:
> Michael Jouravlev wrote the following on 7/28/2005 6:48 PM:
> > Wizard should be handled by *one* action, then cleanup would be
> > simple. Have you found time to look at my stuff? ;-)
> Sorry Michael I have not:( Send me the link again.

No rush :) Though you might like it, because it uses session. On the
other hand, you may hate it, because it uses DispatchAction flavor ;)

Project link:

Login/Logout/Signup combo component:

Signup Wizard only:

All samples:

> But, that being said, where clean up becomes a problem is when the user
> goes to some other action? I agree one Action helps but what if they
> click on some other link from your menu that goes to some other Action?
> In other words they don't 'officially' quit the wizard flow. That's when
> it becomes a bit of a pain (assuming you care to clean up:)

No pain. You just have to decide, do you want to allow people to leave
wizard in the middle and then come back, you you do not. If you do,
then you leave it as it is, so when they come back to the same
component, they would see same page and same data. If you don't want
to keep it, then trash the wizard. This should be set per component.

There should be set of policies. For example, if you navigate to an
action which is not part of any subsession (or scenario, I like this
word), do you trash all existing scenarios or you keep them?

The downside of my components, is that there can be only one instance
of every component per session. Wicket guys, for example, use
versions. But their version usage is not very smart, they simply
create new version each time a component is accessed. I need to think
of better way of creating of several versions to be used either on one
page, or in different browser windows. But I am not sure that this is


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