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From Björne Höglund <>
Subject Presenting one application in another
Date Tue, 14 Jun 2005 08:22:18 GMT

I am planning to build an web application that will manage a number of 
servers on a network using RMI. Each of these servers today has a local web 
interface that uses Struts, the RMI functionality is already in place and 

What i would like to do is move the web interfaces to the central position 
and show the correct interface for each  server depending on the users 
choice. The problem is that i need to be able to add new types and versions 
of the interfaces without having to redeploy since the application will be 
distibuted to a number of customers.

I am hoping to be able to use a separate web app for each type/version and 
presenting it in a tile in the central application. Simply having the 
different interfaces as modules or something similar.

Is it possible to show one web app in a tile of another or am i heading down 
a dead end using this aproach? And in that case, any other suggestions?

thank you in advance,
/Björn Höglund

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