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From "Mick Knutson" <>
Subject Re: unable to print nested values with bean:write, or c:out
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 19:02:51 GMT
If ConsumerValidatorForm:
   public IConsumerActivity getConsumerActivity() {
        return consumerActivity;

from ConsumerActivity (not an Action Form though):
    public String getLastPinChangeDate() {
        return lastPinChangeDate;

Could it be that consumer activity is just a pojo, and not an action form?

Wendy Smoak wrote:

> From: "Mick Knutson" ?>
> >I modified what I was trying with this:
> >
> >    ?bean:define id="lastPinChangeDate" name="consumerValidatorForm"
> > property="consumerActivity.lastPinChangeDate"/>
> >
> >        [?c:out value="${lastPinChangeDate}"/>]
> >
> > And this is the error message I get:
> > 19:02:50,908 ERROR [[jsp]] Servlet.service() for servlet jsp threw
> > exception
> > javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Invalid argument looking up property
> > consumerActivity.lastPinChangeDate of bean consumerValidatorForm
> And you're sure that your form has a getConsumerActivity() method, and
> whatever it returns has a getLastPinChangeDate() method?
> Can you try it with all JSTL instead of mixing ?bean> and ?c> tags?  It
> doesn't look like ?bean:define> is doing what you want-- it looks like it
> thinks "consumerActivity.lastPinChangeDate" is the property name.  So use
> ?c:set> for the first part.  If you need it... what does just
> ?c:out value="${consumerValidatorForm.consumerActivity.lastPinChangeDate}"/>
> print?
> Unless you're on a JSP 2.0 container (probably not if you're using ?c:out>
> the best combination is JSTL and Struts-EL.  Use JSTL as much as possible,
> and the Struts-EL taglib only has the things that can't be done in JSTL.
> --
> Wendy Smoak
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