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From Adam Hardy <>
Subject [OT] package naming nonsense
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 11:46:19 GMT
Since it's Friday and I'm just about to start a new project, I thought 
I'd ask everyone what they think about something that's always bugged me.

Package names in Java. Why do we all have com.blah.blah or instead of just plain blah.blah.blah and

What really got me on my last project was changing from one organisation 
to another, the project packages had to be renamed from to 
com.siemans and we actually made it all the more pointless by discussing 
whether it should be com.siemenz or de.siemenz.

I'd love to drop the whole top-level domain but why on earth is it there 
in the first place?

My new project is for a charity ecoworks with the top-level domain .eu 
and they might even purchase too, and I don't want to mess 
around, so why can't I just have my packages like this:

instead of eu.ecoworks or eu.ecoworks or whatever.

And why isn't it just plain apache.struts or apache.tomcat? It's not as 
though there's ever going to be a mix up with code like com.apache. - or 
is there?

And even if there is, why is the mix-up possibility so important when it 
comes to package names, when it's not considered when it comes to jar 
naming conventions. If there ever was a com.apache.struts, what would 
they call their jar? Would they have to use com_struts-1.2.7.jar

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