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From Stéphane Zuckerman <>
Subject Re: Highly dynamic forms
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 16:09:02 GMT a écrit :
> Look at the section: Hand Cranking lazy List in the ActionForm.
> This is possible with the version you are currently using.

Actually, the LazyValidatorForm class only exists since struts 1.2.6, 
that is why I was asking for a solution under Struts 1.2.4.

Moreover, the use I have of LazyList is so small that I don't think that 
upgrading my version of commons-collection just for this one piece of 
code is relevant... I have my own LazyList implementation, which is 
doing what I am expecting of it. When we need a more complete/complex 
use of lazy objects, I'll upgrade. :-)

That doesn't solve my problem, though. I do have radio buttons working 
from a lazy list, something like
[ [value, [radio1,radio2,radio3]], [value, [radio1,radio2]] ]
In the end then, I manage to get the attribute value from a radio input, 
but when I try with checkboxes, I fail to retrieve the String[] 
object... Well, I'll manage, eventually.

Stéphane Zuckerman

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