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From St├ęphane Zuckerman <>
Subject Highly dynamic forms
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 13:53:56 GMT

Here's the question for the short version (below you'll find some 
lengthier explanations ...) :

I'd like to render a list of groups of radio buttons. Said list has a 
variable length. So my data structure looks like :

[ [radio1,radio2,radio3], [radio1,radio2,radio3,radio4], ...]

I am currently using Struts 1.2.4. Is there a way of rendering these 
groups of radio buttons without upgrading my version of Struts ?


For the detailed explanation :

I'm trying to render a form with fields which aren't defined by advance. 
More precisely, I have a List (an ArrayList) of custom objects, which 
are described like this :

public class MyField {
     private String type, group;
     private Object data;
     // then the accessors follow ...

The "type" attribute contains which kind of field is to be rendered 
(radio, text, checkbox, etc.). The "group" attribute enables me to know 
which information is answered. For example :

I have two objects that are to be filled by the user, a text field, and 
a radio field. So my list of MyField objects will look something like :

[ {"radio", "g1", (ArrayList object)}, {"text", "", (String object)} ]

Now, what I need is to not only render the radio buttons part (which I 
eventually managed), but also to get a way to have the submission 
succeed ! :-)

Here is a very small example of JSP code :

<html:form action="/indices">
   <logic:iterate id="liste" name="indicesForm" property="liste"
     <logic:iterate id="item" name="liste" indexId="j">
       <html:radio property="liste[${i}]" value="${item.value}"/>

I voluntarily didn't use indexed properties, since I have to "play" with 
inner and outer loops' indexes. Although the form is rendered the right 
way, I can't submit info with it, I get an error that says :

"java.lang.NullPointerException: No indexed value for 'liste[2]'"

Since I use a List object, I suppose this isn't very surprising after all.

But then, what's the best way of doing that kind of stuff ?
St├ęphane Zuckerman

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