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From "Pilgrim, Peter" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Business Layer Ideas
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 13:33:02 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Dakota Jack []
> I should have added that Rod (Johnson) in the book cited pointedly
> advocates extensive use of the Strategy Pattern, see pp. 421 ff.  The
> use of CoR in Struts 1.3 for the extensible RequestProcessor is not a
> feature but is a way of solving the problem created by the original
> use of the Template Method Pattern in that context.  Had the Strategy
> Pattern been used in the first instance, everything would have worked
> better, in my opinion.  In many ways, I think in the future the
> Template Method Pattern may be seen as an Anti-Pattern.
> Just to forestall flamethrowers, I want to emphasize that others
> probably think differently and even the "majority", i.e. by definition
> the members ipsa facto of the "meritocracy", may think differently. 
> But, Rod Johnson is no slouch on these matters.  He thinks the use of
> Strategy Pattern is "one of the reasons [Spring] is such a flexible
> and extensible framework".

Hello Jack

It can be shown that ``Chain of Responsibility'' pattern can be 
metamorphed into the ``Strategy'' pattern. The first proviso is that one
of your commnds becomes a catalogy factory or invoker of other
generic commands itself. The second proviso is you must pass all
your information back and forward the ``strategy command'' using
a general context object.


> On 5/27/05, David Whipple <> wrote:
> > This is an off topic post, but there seem to be a lot of 
> people with good
> > opinions here.
> > 
> > I am trying to provide a framework (based on Stuts and 
> Spring) for our
> > company
> > to use.  I'd like to make a reinforcement of the business layer in
> > applications.
> > 
> > We do not use EJBs, so a lot of the patterns that are out 
> there do not seem
> > to
> > apply.  I have not been able to find any references I like.
> > 
> > The goal is to encourage better program design and development by
> > having a clear definition of what are the business objects 
> in the program.
> > 
> > We want to come up with a way through patterns to help 
> programmers avoid
> > poor
> > programming practices.  Clear separation into layers is one 
> basic idea
> > behind
> > this.  We want to come up with some interface to the 
> business layer which
> > will
> > force programmers to know what are to be the business 
> objects in their
> > architecture.
> > 
> > Does anyone have any ideas and/or know of any references for this?
> > 
> > Thanks,
> > Dave


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