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From Simon Chappell <>
Subject Re: [OT] Survey - Tell me what you think about Struts.
Date Sun, 01 May 2005 12:13:08 GMT

Here's a couple:

> What is it that bugs you the most about development with Struts?

Trying to work with the struts-config.xml without a dedicated editor.
I have a small, three actions, project that I'm tinkering with and I
figured that it was small enough that I didn't need to worry and I
could just edit struts-config.xml using a text editor. Ouch.

Also, it's good that Struts is so configurable, but with everything in
one file it gets unworkable sooner rather than later.

Also, be careful to keep your business logic out of your actions and
keep your servlet context out of your business logic. This is not
really Strut's fault, but it's still a good warning for newbies.

> On the plus side, if you have a success story you are dying to tell.  I'd
> love to hear about it.

I'm sure people are fed up of me bragging on the project I did at
Lands' End, so I won't say too much, except that Struts rocks and is
suitable for large projects and is gracefully handling some very close
to real-time kind of response times.


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