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From Aladin Alaily <>
Subject html:img question
Date Wed, 25 May 2005 22:39:27 GMT
Hi Guys,

Maybe I've been working too long... but I can't seem to figure out the 

I am trying to create an <html:img> tag and dynamically set the alt 
attribute with the application properties file... but it doesn't seem to 

Here is what I'm doing:

<html:img page="/images/logo.gif" alt='<bean:write key="alt.logo" />' />

and in my file I have:

alt.logo=This is alt text

Now, I would expect that the tag generated by <html:img> as defined 
above would be:
<img src=".." alt="This is alt text">

But I don't !?!

Has anyone encountered this problem before... and how did you resolve it?


meyawn wrote:

> well, when you uncheck a checkbox, there is nothing passed to your form. so
> your form doesnt know which checkboxes are there on your page that are
> unchecked. it knows only about the boxes you checked. so i guess you have to
> reset your form after it has inited?? not very sure
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> From: Apte, Dhanashree (Noblestar) []
> Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2005 12:21 AM
> To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
> Subject: html:multibox question
> I have a page that has a series of check-boxes that a user can
> select/deselect at will. When the page loads up, some of the checkboxes are
> already checked. The user can then either select new ones or deselect
> existing ones. However, when I submit the page, the unselected ones are
> still a part of my selectedItems[] array.
> How do I make sure that only the selected ones get through?
> Thanks a bunch,
> <Dhanashree/>
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