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From Markus Koivisto <>
Subject [struts-faces] Empty Form in Action
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 13:35:53 GMT
Hi! I converted a page from struts to jsf, and I'm running to no end of 
problems using it.

I previously posted a question about getting LookupDispatchActions to 
work. Since I received no replies and couldn't figure it out for myself, 
I made a new action that is specific to this page.

Now the page is nothing special, jsut a lof of text-fields and a submit 
button.  So part of it looks like this:

      <s:form action="/event">
        <label>Start of Problem</label>
        <h:inputText id="problemStart" 
        <h:commandButton id="submit" type="submit" 
value="#{messages['button.insertEvent']}" immediate="false">        

In the struts-config file, the action maps an anctionform with the name 
"equipment" to the "/event" action.
Now, the action is executed all right, but the form that is sent to the 
action is completely empty. Every field is null.  Does anyone have any 
idea why this happens and how to fix it?

Besides, I can't execute any action when I access the page 
"event.faces". When I enter event.faces into the address bar, the page 
loads correctly, but the action is not performed. When I enter 
into the address bar, I land on the event page and the event is executed 
when the form is submitted.

Markus Koivisto


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