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From Dave Newton <>
Subject Re: [OT: Swing slow?] Re: ANOTHER IDE
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 21:05:47 GMT
Rick Reumann wrote:

> Eclipse was ok as far as IDE features and price tag, but it just 
> didn't 'feel' right to me. Using IDEA just feels right it, plus of 
> course it does everything and more you'd expect from an IDE. By the 
> way, who says Swing is slow? I don't think they use SWT for IDEA and 
> yet it sure is a responsive app. Eclipse actually seemed much more 
> sluggish to me on both windows and Linux.

A lot of Swing problems are due to Really Poor Swing coding--properly 
coded, Swing is fine.

My experience was similar; IDEA seemed quicker than Eclipse; no doubt 
one of those "get what you pay for" type things, although IDEA has been 
around longer, so I'm not terribly surprised, despite Eclipse's use of SWT.

It also seems like the new soon-to-be-released version of IDEA will 
allow even easier plugin development, probably (at least partially) a 
reaction to the Eclipse plugin model. Might have to switch myself, 
especially if I can convince (I have to fight for everything, despite 
metrics etc. that prove I'm right) the powers to invest in some freakin' 
developer tools... *sigh*


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