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From "Frank W. Zammetti" <>
Date Wed, 04 May 2005 19:27:53 GMT
Macros are an absolute must for me, and it's art of the reason I still 
use nothing but UltraEdit... all the fancy code refactoring tools and 
such that all the IDEs have I wind up doing in macros, and I have more 
control over how they work, at least, it sure feels like I do.

I'm going to have another look at IDEA though... I've frankly never felt 
like I needed anything an IDE gives me (except for integrated debugging 
of webapps, that is one thing I would definitely like to have), but if I 
find one that feels right I wouldn't have a problem switching.

P.S., the guys that do UltraEdit are coming out with a new product, IIRC 
called UltraStudio... supposed to be a more full-featured IDE but with 
UltraEdit at the core... if they include plug-in support, that could be 
the ultimate for me.


Dave Newton wrote:
> Larry Meadors wrote:
>> It takes a while to really get into IDEA, once you do, everything else 
>> feels like notepad or gedit. :-)
>> XML editing? Got it, complete with tag and attribute completion.
>> JSP editing? Got it, and it is as good as or better than the netbeans 
>> editor (that says alot).
>> Java editing? Almost really does make your code better.
>> Refactoring? Ohhhh baby!
>> The only things that I can think of that it *could* do better are SVN 
>> support (but with tortoise svn, you do not really need that) and code 
>> folding in non-java files (jEdit still rules in that area).
> Except for the crappy editor in Eclipse (a programmer's editor without 
> macros?!?!?!) it seems to do a pretty good job with the addition of 
> MyEclipse (~$30/yearly) although I've seen a few minor complaints and 
> bugs. Has the same (or similar, perhaps slightly less functional?) 
> features: XML editing and tag completion for XML and JSP, code 
> completion inside JSP, Pretty Good refactoring support.
> There is an SVN plugin (as well as the usual suspects, although I recall 
> one company having issues with the Perforce plugin, like CVS, Visual 
> SourceSafe, etc.) that works just fine for me. Tortoise is a fine 
> working solution, but I hate having to go out of my editor to do 
> anything (Emacs! Whoohoo!)
> I have definitely found code completion and refactoring support to be 
> _mandatory_ when developing Java code. I'd like to use IDEA but for some 
> reason the folks that buy my software really don't care about me and 
> want to give me the best tools possible.
> Humour/Sad story: Right now I'm using Eclipse for Java (usually, switch 
> to Emacs for hard stuff) and am mostly satisfied. before I got here they 
> were using Allaire Homesite.
> Don't ask, 'cuz I don't know. Of course, all the old apps use fake 
> custom tags (parse a text file on every page hit, grep for things that 
> look like custom tags, run special code to insert stuff into the text 
> file, etc. Like real custom tags but suckier) and all the code 
> (including helper classes/methods/etc.) are in included JSP files, 
> making it essentially impossible to document, etc.
> See, if they had told me all THAT before I got here...
> Dave
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Frank W. Zammetti
Founder and Chief Software Architect
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